Thursday, September 9

124 mini milk cartons made, decorated and filled to give as gifts

At class yesterday, the participants made mini milk cartons and carriers, decorated them and prepared to give them away as gifts. A real service project with lots of FUN doing it.

We made 144 cartons total with holders for each set of 4. Everyone had such a fun time deciding how to decorate them with stamps, decorative paper, ink techniques, and embellishments. The embellishments were the favorite part for everyone, I believe. Brads of all colors, the new sparkly brads, paper flowers, those other flowers that you can ink, clips of all kinds, glitter, beads, glue on doo-dads (technical term for sure), etc. It was pure madness in a GOOD way.

Thank you Lesleigh for being such a wonderful hostess and putting up with all our mess and GLITTER everywhere. AND we all fell in love with those melt in your mouth cinnamon rolls. See Lesleigh's blog at CUPCAKESBYLES.BLOGSPOT.COM for more of her amazing eatible creations.

It was a fun but exhausting day. Thanks to everyone who came and participated. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones.


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  1. Wow your milk cartons are all wonderful! Love all of the different themes! Thanks for sharing the Halloween one at PPA!


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